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We are open with a fast-to-serve menu of freshly prepared and cooked food, bean-to-cup coffees, teas and cold drinks as well as home-made cakes with vegan and gluten-free options.

Opening times:

11am-4pm Monday to Thursday
10am-4pm Friday to Sunday

With possible closed days or shorter/longer hours - all dependent on the weather.

Mondays and Tuesdays: We run a lighter menu than the rest of the week.

Weekends only: a full breakfast (V or Ve) between 10am and noon.


The Bathing Hut Café is right on the beach between Hastings & Bexhill in St Leonards, West of Marina. This quirky beach café provides innovative, meat-free menus (except for the occasional bit of seafood) for almost all tastes with excellent views along the coast and across the Channel.

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Our season is usually from March to October.

The cafe is open each day of the week, from 10am - 4pm Friday to Sunday and 11am - 4pm Monday to Thursday.

Opening hours may shorten or get longer and we may opportunistically open on ‘closed’ days and close on 'open' days - all depending on the weather - rain and/or strong winds being the most significant elements.

If you want to be sure about our opening times on any particular week or day, please contact us:

FB: thebathinghutcafe
INS: @thebathinghutcafe
T: 07789 401104

Freshly prepared food and homemade cakes…

We always have a selection of freshly prepared food and homemade cakes, many of which are vegan and/or vegetarian or gluten-free.


Teas, filter coffee, espresso, hot chocolate, cold drinks and fruit juices.
Non-dairy milk is available as an option.

And tubs of Bodiam hand-made ice cream.